Annual Sustainable Lowell Awards

Nominations now open! Are you, or someone you know making Lowell's vision for a greener future a reality? We want to hear about it! Each year the Lowell Sustainability Council accepts nominations for recognizing environmental excellence throughout the City. This year we are presenting two awards; one for demonstrating community leadership, and another for green design. 

To apply or nominate an individual or organization for the 2017 Sustainable Awards simply click this link and fill out the electronic form. If you live or work in the City of Lowell you are already part of our rich cultural fabric and will continue to be part of our shared vision for a greener future. Make a stand and tell the world (and us) YOUR story. Any interested party may nominate an individual, a group, or an organization that they believe is successfully championing a cause that will create a more sustainable Lowell. 


Green Design Award: An expansion of our former Green Building Excellence Award, we are celebrating innovation that embodies both the city's belief that "Art if the Handmade of Human Good," and the importance of designing for the future. If your're an artist, an inventor, an architect, or a designer of any kind, and your product/work uses recycled/salvaged materials, promotes environmental advocacy, or represents a message of sustainable stewardship; we want to hear YOUR story!

Community Leadership Award: We are more than an industrial city, we are a city of industrious leaders that are shaping a great,er greener Lowell everyday. That spirit is demonstrated in countless ways as noted in the Sustainable Lowell 2025 Master Plan. Whether your mission is to preserve the historic character of our neighborhoods, to encourage civic pride, to promote social equity, to be a steward of environmental conservation, build economic growth through your local business, or in many other ways; we want to hear YOUR story!

Deadline: Nominations are due by Saturday October 28, 2017. Applications received in advance of the nomination deadline may be promoted at the 3rd Annual Lowell Sustainability Summit on October 14th. Winners will be selected by the members of the Lowell Sustainability Council and will be announced in November 2017 and honored at a December City Council Meeting. They will be awarded the prestigious Sustainable Lowell Trophy and a Letter of Green Distinction. 

Hard copy nominations will also be accepted and can be mailed or delivered to: Department of Planning and Development, Lowell Sustainability Council, Attn: Yovani Baez-Rose, 50 Arcand Drive, Lowell, MA 01852