Where to Dispose of Plastic Bags (films, and wrap)

Plastic bags cannot be disposed of in the green recycling cart, however they are still recyclable when brought to the right place! See the map below for the closest location near you.

 Acceptable Plastic Wraps/Film Unacceptable Items
 Plastic Retail Bags Salad and other pre-prepared vegetable bags
Produce Bags Frozen Vegetable Bags
Newspaper Bags Pet food Bags
 Dry Cleaning Bags PVC or PVDC (Saran) films (meat wrap is PVC)
Cereal Box Liners Polystyrene, ployurethane foamed, polypropylene
Paper Towel and Toilet Paper over wrap  PETE Trays
Over wrap on cases of soda, water or canned vegetables plastic bottles
sealed air pouches in mailed packages hazardous materials, medical wastes, or packages of these products
Ziploc and other Zipper Style bags - please remove zippers prior to recycling metal