West Sixth St. Fire House

The fron of West 6th Fire Station
Engine 6-2

West Sixth Street Fire Station

​The West Sixth Street Fire Station houses Lowell Engine 6 and Lowell Ladder 4.​
​The firehouse opened in 1909. Originally it was home to Hose 12 and Ladder 4. Engine 6 moved in from Fletcher St. in 1937 and hose 12 was disbanded

​The Station was dedicated in 1993 to the memory of Firefighter Peter Deschenes who served from 1921 to 1960.

Engine 6

​ ​E6 is a 2010 Pierce Arrow XT 1500 GPM pump with a 675 gallon water tank.

Ladder 4

​Ladder 4 (L-4) is a 2010 - 105’ Pierce Arrow Aerial Truck stationed at the West Sixth Street Firehouse.

Captain Gikas is the company commander.