Old Ferry Rd. Fire Station

The front of Old Ferry Road Station with a fire engine parked in it
Fire Engine 1- parked in front of a building
Brush 1 vehicle, a Ford F-350 parked in front of a fire station

Old Ferry Road Station

​Lowell Engine 10 located on Old Ferry Road was opened in 1976 to serve the growing Pawtucketville section of the city.

​ Engine 10 remains the newest station in the city. It houses E-10 as well as the Brush-1, Dive Boat and a small Hovercraft for winter ice rescues.

​ The Station was dedicated to the memory of Deputy Chief Thomas J. Burke in 1977.

Engine 10

​ Engine 10 (E-10) is a 2005 Emergency One "Typhoon" Rescue Pumper stationed at the Pawtucketville Firehouse on Old Ferry Road. Captain John Fahey is the company commander.

Brush 1

​ Brush 1 (B-1) is a 1997 Ford F-350 Diesel vehicle stationed at Old Ferry Rd. It is the only brush truck in the Fleet.