GoLowell: Downtown Lowell Multimodal Complete Streets Plan


What is the Project About?

Project Goal:

To plan for a safer, healthier and more enjoyable multimodal transportation system for all residents and visitors to Lowell by:

  • Increasing mobility and meeting the access needs of residents, commuters, visitors, and area schools’ faculty, staff, and students; 
  • Encouraging transit use in order to reduce parking demand in targeted redevelopment areas; 
  • Increasing the number of people riding bicycles in the City and reducing bicycle crashes
  • Reducing Vehicle Miles Traveled (VMT), delay and congestion, and improve travel time on the local roadway network; 
  • Foster environmental quality, conserve energy, reduce vehicle emissions, and address climate change through reduced greenhouse gas emission; 
  • Promoting economic development in the corridor and in the Greater Lowell region; 
  • Meeting the mission of LNHP to preserve and interpret the nationally significant historical and cultural sites, structures, and districts in Lowell; 
  • Enhancing the character, livability, and vibrancy of the community through quality urban design; and 
  • Ensuring the full and fair participation of the environmental justice communities throughout the transportation decision-making process. 


  • Easy, safe and predictable bus service 
  • Transit stop and transit line enhancements 
  • Safe bicycling routes and biking facilities 
  • Safe, accessible and enjoyable pedestrian routes 
  • Car-share and taxi accommodations 

How You Can Get Involved 

  1. Attend the Project Kick-off Meeting at the Senior Center, September 11, 2019 from 6-7:30pm.
  2. Look for Information and feedback tables at community events 
  3. Email questions and comments and get more information at: golowell@lowellma.gov 
  4. Look for information on online surveys – coming soon!
  5. Follow us on Facebook at facebook.com/GoLowell