Residents enrolled in our trash services receive a 64 gallon cart1 per residential unit. Each week, residents are allowed to use up to the 64 gallon capacity. Carts with an open lid are subject to fines and will not be picked up. Do not force trash into the trash cart, this will cause trash to "stick" to the bottom of the cart and prevent complete collection. 
Those who produce more trash or "overflow" trash must use purple overflow bags, with a limit of 5 bags put out each week.
If you produce more than 4 additional bags of trash (those of which do not fit into your trash cart) each week, it may be more reasonable and affordable for you to procure an additional trash and recycling set [known as refADT, the additional set will cost $275 per year, charged quarterly to your water bill]. At this time, trash and recycling carts always come as a set. If the owner only wants an additional trash cart, the legal owner will be charged the same fee as stated above.

1 those receiving an elderly discount are issued a 34 gallon trash cart.