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If you do not see your business listed or if some of your status/instructions have changes, please fill out this form or email  We are adding restaurants to this list on a daily basis.

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Restaurant Owners are encouraged to list their restaurant on The Massachusetts Restaurant Association's CarryOutMA website for free.

National Restaurant Association COVID-19 Reopening Guidance
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Business Name Open/Closed Takeout/Delivery Address  Phone #
1981 Ramen Bar 4pm-8pm curbside pick up, carry out 129 Merrimack St 978-970-1981
Angelina's Pizzeria & Subs Open take out, delivery 1334 Middlesex St 978-452-0900
Asados Dona Flor Open   take out 197 High St 978-452-0175
Athenien Corner Open Take out, Door Dash, Uber Eats 207 Market St 978-458-7052
Bambu Open daily 1pm-7pm take out, Grub Hub, Door Dash 199 Plain St 978-455-2939
Belvidere House of Pizza Open carry out, delivery 249 High St 978-454-9310
Big Poke Open  take out, Grub Hub 96 Merrimack St 978-455-7511
Blue Taleh Open W-Sat 12pm-9pm curbside pick-up, Door Dash, Post Mates 15 Kearney Square 978-453-1112
Bonchon Sun-Wed 11am-9pm, Thu-Sat 11am-10pm carry out, EatStreet 1075 Westford St 978-970-1888
Brew'd Awakening Coffeehaus M-F 6:30am-5pm, S-S 7am-5pm pick up, Door Dash, Uber Eats 61 Market St 978-454-2739
Broadway Pizza Sun-Th 11am-11:30pm, F-Sat 11am-12:30am take out, delivery 651 Broadway St 978-453-8030
Brando's Pizza & Subs Mon-Th 11am-9pm, Fri-Sat 11am-10pm take out 1247 Lawrence St 978-458-2565
Cameo Diner Tues-Fri 8am-11am take out   978-452-3724
Captain John's Mon-Sun 10:00am-8:30pm take out, curbside, delivery 333 Westford St 978-458-0753
Chilis Grill and Bar 11am-9pm carry out, Door Dash 26 Reiss Ave 978-937-1565
China Star Open take out, delivery 1733 Middlesex St 978-856-7780
Chowder Factory Tue-Sat 10am-3pm pick up, Door Dash 101 Phoenix Ave 978-674-8353
Club Diner Open curbside take out 145 Dutton St 978-452-1679
Cobblestones of Lowell Pick up at Moonstones pick up, Door Dash, Grub Hub 91 Dutton St 978-256-7777
Connector Cafe & Grille Daily 6am-3pm carry out, Grub Hub, Uber Eats 724 Chelmsford St 978-674-8047
Domino's Sun-Th 11am-12am, F-Sat 11am-1am curbside pickup, carry out, delivery 374 Chelmsford St 978-441-1000
Domino's Sun-Th 11am-12am, F-Sat 11am-1am curbside pick up, carry out, delivery 90 Lakeview Ave 978-452-3030
Domino's Sun-Th 11am-12am, F-Sat 11am-1am curbside pickup, carry out, delivery 77 Mammoth Rd 978-454-7474
Dunkin Donuts Open pick up, Dunkin App 24 Merrimack St   
Eggroll Cafe 10:30am-9pm carry out, Post Mates 110 University Ave 978-970-3411
El Bombazo Meat Market 8am-7pm carry out 677 Bridge St 978-452-4552
El Potro Mexican Bar & Grille Open take out 124 Merrimack St 978-455-2840
Eliu's Hole in the Wall Open take out, delivery 398 Fletcher St 978-455-3897
Elliot's Famous Hot Dogs Open take out 37 Elliott St 978-458-3179
Espresso Pizza 10:30am-9pm take out 220 Central St 978-452-8160
Fabiano's Pizzeria & Cafe Mon-Fri 12pm-9pm carry out, delivery, Grub Hub 127 Merrimack St 978-458-8900
Fitzy's Tue-Sat 6am-1pm, Sunday 7am-1pm take out 1250 Lawrence St 978-458-9339
Friends Restaurant & Pub Fri-Sat 4pm-9pm, Sun 12pm-8pm takeout 350 Market St 978-453-8285
Fuji Open take out, delivery 61 Merrimack St 978-323-0515
Fuse Bistro Tues-Sat 4pm-7:30pm take out 45 Palmer St 978-323-0424
George's Delicatessen Open take out 1224 Gorham St 978-459-7345
Gold Star Restaurant Open take out, delivery 358 Fairmont St 978-458-1074
Heritage Farm Ice Cream and Restaurant 10am-9pm take out, Door Dash 163 Pawtucket Blvd 978-459-0802
Heng Heng Asian Fast Food Open take out 32 Branch St 978-275-3895
Jillies Pizza & More M-Sat 10am-10pm, Sun 10am-9pm take out, delivery 600 Rogers St 978-452-3005
Jimmy's Halal Fried Chicken Open take out 35 Bridge St 929-350-3122
Jimmy's Pizza Too Daily 11am-11pm take out, delivery, Grub Hub, Post Mates, Uber Eats 480 Chelmsford St 978-446-0345
Four Seasons Open-limited hours take out 373 Central St 978-452-9044
Fio's Express Open take out, delivery 1040 Gorham St 978-937-0400
Kilkenny Pub Wed-Fri 3pm-6pm take out, delivery 600 Rogers St 978-441-9040
Lao'De Cafe Open 11am-9m take out, Grub Hub, Door Dash, future orders are available with 48 hr notice   108 Merrimack St 978-455-4030
Lemon & Thyme Bistro Tue-Sat 12pm-7pm, Sun 12pm-6pm take out, delivery 491 Dutton St 978-455-2210
Le Petit Cafe Open take out 600 Middlesex St 978-459-5999
Life Alive Open take out, Life Alive app, Door Dash 194 Middle St 978-453-1311
Little Delights Bakery Open take out, Door Dash, Grub Hub, Post Mates 132 Merrimack St 978-455-0040
Lowell House of Pizza Open daily 11am-10pm take out, delivery 283 School St 978-459-0072
Mekong Pho Open take out 378 Broadway St 978-441-6353
Milan Pizza Mon-Sat 10am-8:30pm take out, delivery 688 Rogers St 978-453-8596
Mill City BBQ & Grille Open take out and delivery 11 Kearney Sq 978-710-6429
Mill City Grows Mobile Market Open Delivery         
Mill City Pizza Open take out, delivery, Door Dash, Grub Hub 494 Westford St 978-454-4443
Navigation Brewing Co. Th-Fri 4pm-7pm, Weekends 12pm-4pm take out 122 Western Ave    
New Great Taste Open take out, delivery 24 Gorham St 978-937-8890
Olympia Tues-Sun 11am-7pm take out 453 Market St 978-452-8092
Olympos Bakery Open take out 214 Broadway St 978-452-3366
Outback Restaurant Sun-Th 11am-9m, F-S 11am-10pm curbside pick-up, online ordering, Door Dash, Uber Eats  28 Reiss Ave 978-934-8700
Peephuptmei Open take out 278 Branch St 978-937-2919
Pho 88 11am-9:30pm curbside carryout, delivery 1270 Westford St 978-452-7300
Pho Da Lat Open take out 475 Chelmsford St 978-453-3303
Pizza Palace 10am-9pm take out, delivery, Grub Hub 1740 Middlesex St 978-937-0666
Pizza & Sub Stop M-W 3pm-8:45pm, Th-Fr 1pm-8:45pm, Sat 12pm-8:45pm take out, Door Dash, Grub Hub 5 Merrimack St 978-656-0009
Priya Indian Cuisine 11:30am-9:30pm take out, delivery 1270 Westford St 978-454-7777
Purple Carrot Bread Co. Mon-Fri 7am-5pm, Sat 9am-5pm take out 107 Merrimack St 978-454-4188
Roma Pizza Open carry out, delivery, Uber Eats 638 Rogers St 978-937-5343
Romeu & Juliett Cafe Open take out 26 South St 978-453-9468
Santoro's  Open daily 11am-12am take out delivery 194 Gorham St 978-452-8186
Simply Khmer Wed-Fri 11am-8pm, Sat-Sun 10am-8pm curbside carry out 26 Lincoln St 978-454-6700
Sizzling Kitchen Open take out, delivery, Uber Eats, Grub Hub, Door Dash 602 Merrimack St 978-221-5705
Sophia's Greek Pantry Tues-Sat 9am-5pm, Sun 9am-4pm take out 479 Market St 978-937-3899
Subway Open 11am-7pm take out, Door Dash, Grub Hub, Post Mates 254 Merrimack St 978-934-9122
Suppa's Pizza & Subs Mon-Sun 11am-10pm take out, delivery 94 University Ave 978-970-3961
Sweet Lydia's Open daily 12pm-2pm take out 160 Merrimack St 978-888-7616
Tacos Lupita Mon-Sat 10am-8pm take out 124 University Ave 978-656-8750
The Coffee Mill Open take out 23 Palmer St 978-454-0530
The Keep   Open, limited hours take out 110 Gorham St 978-455-3666
Thirsty First Thurs & Fri 4pm-7pm take out 280 Central St 978-454-7600
Time Out Cafe Mon-Fri 10am-5pm take out, Post Mates, Door Dash 72 Merrimack St 978-735-4514
Tremonte Pizzeria 12pm-8pm curbside, carry out 44 Palmer St 978-453-1110
Viet Thai Open take out 368 Merrimack St 978-446-0977
Wah Sang Chinese Restaurant Open take out, delivery 457 Chelmsford St 978-934-9077
Warp & Weft Tue-Fri 5pm-10pm, Sat 11:30am-10pm take out, Uber Eats 197 Market St 978-455-6537
Wee Thai Food Open take out 249 Chelmsford St 978-319-9172
Wham's Cafe Tues-Sat 1pm-7pm take out, delivery, Grub Hub 737 Lakeview Ave 855-942-6722
Wings Over Lowell Open take out, Door Dash, Grub Hub, Uber Eats, Post Mates 26 Market St 978-441-9464