The City's Parks department strives to provide safe, healthy, well maintained parks and facilities for the residents of Lowell to utilize throughout the City.

Our 75+ Parks are maintained year round and used on a regular basis by Sports Organizations and Clubs. In addition, our parks are open for public use during daylight hours.

The Parks department is responsible for the maintenance and management of:
  • 15+ miles of grass median strips
  • 500+ acres of land
  • 60+ road islands and squares
  • 90+ parks and playgrounds
  • Litter control in the downtown area
  • Managing the City's tree planting program

Seasonal Information Schedules

During the April/May/June Spring season, the Parks department focuses on:
  • Preparation of all ball fields-baseball, softball, soccer, and lacrosse-for opening days in April.
  • The Cawley Stadium complex and the surrounding fields are opened and maintained seven days a week beginning in April and continuing through November.
  • Activities increase through late April and May as preparations for opening days at ballparks and soccer fields winds down
  • All monuments, ornamental parks, islands, circles and squares and flag poles are prepared in anticipation of Memorial Weekend and when all parks and playgrounds, tennis, baseball and all specialty areas are opened for the season.
  • We coordinate the efforts of various schools who undertake cleanup and beautification projects, and work with numerous youth and adult sports organizations to schedule their seasonal activities
During the July/August Summer season, the Parks department focuses on:
  • The Parks Division provides support for a variety of special events including the annual 4th of July activities, the Lowell Folk Festival, along with providing facility support for sports tournaments
  • Preparation of all pools, splash pads and the Merrimack River beach area which open for summer recreation.
  • Staff continue to maintain parks, cut grass, and repair and service playgrounds
During the September/October/November Fall season, the Parks department focuses on:
  • Cleanup by the truckload all of the colorful falling leaves throughout our parks and green spaces.
  • Closing all water sites for the season.
  • Continuing grass cutting, trash pickup, and repair and service work at parks and playgrounds.
  • Supporting various special events and tournaments throughout the City.
During the December/January/February/March Winter season, the Parks department focuses on:
  • As whether permits, continuing to clean parks and playgrounds and to remove leaves and illegally dumped materials.
  • As whether permits, repairing parks and playground equipment.
  • As the weather turns wintry, Parks personnel join other Public Works crews for snow and ice removal operations.
  • When removing snow and ice, Parks staff focus on selected streets, as well as sidewalks and bus stops in the downtown area, municipal buildings, parks, and walkways.