K-9 Unit

The K-9 unit is a group of dedicated professionals comprised of three officers with their K-9 companions assigned to each officer. Currently, Sergeant Steven Gendreau and his Bloodhound named Hope, Officer Brian Kinney and his German Shepard named Bruno and Officer Todd Donaldson and his German Shepard named Falco make up the 3 officer and 3 K-9 team for the Lowell Police Department. Past members of the LPD K-9 Team have included, now retired, Sgt Norman Levasseur and his Belgian Malinois K-9 feats Frisco and Roza, as well as Officer David Seamans and his German Shepard, Randy.


The Officers and canines of the Lowell Police K-9 Unit are well trained in several areas of Law Enforcement expertise which include:
  • Tracking of, searching for and apprehension of crime suspects immediately after a crime such as a robbery or assault has occurred.
  • Searching for missing persons such as children who may have wandered away from the home without their parents or guardians knowledge.
  • Searching for missing persons suffering from incapacitating illnesses such as Alzheimer's who may have wandered from the safety of their homes and their guardians.
  • Assisting other officers in the detection of various types of illegal drugs or contraband in vehicles, luggage, or packages as well as on their person during various police activities.
  • Assisting other officers in crowd control of persons involved in public disturbances.
  • Responding to assist Police Departments from other communities in need of a K-9 at recent crime related incidents in their communities.
  • Assisting the LPD Safety Officer by conducting demonstrations of the K-9 Unit 's abilities, functions and equipment in front of smaller or larger groups of people, including younger children at Safety Events, Bicycle Safety Rodeos, Senior Center Events and both city and private events during all times of the year.
  • Protecting the K-9 Officer from being assaulted in volatile situations where the K-9 officer may find himself alone with one or more suspects and without back up.
Police K-9 feats are an invaluable resource for Local, County, State and Federal Law Enforcement Agencies in preventing injuries to officers when apprehending an armed and dangerous suspect! In addition, the multiple functions of Police K-9 feats allow Law Enforcement Officers to serve and protect the public in all aspects of Crime Prevention, Criminal Investigation, Community Services and Homeland Security!