Fire Prevention

The Fire Prevention Office is located at:
Fire Prevention Office
93 Mammoth Road
Lowell, MA 01854
 Members of the office include:
  • Deputy Chief Tim Casey
  •  Lt. Steve Mello
  • Senior Clerk Sherrold Vail
  • Inspector Paul Reid
  • Inspector Robert Bugler
  • Inspector John Diaz
  • Inspector Brian Poitras

Fire Inspections

Many fires can be prevented through fire inspections and code enforcement. Fire inspections are performed by certified code enforcement officers on a predetermined schedule. Chapter 148 of the Massachusetts General Laws and 527 CMR serve as the required compliance code and regulations, along with other local building and safety codes.


Other inspection responsibilities include issuing permits for
  • Blasting
  • Different Areas Including Smoke Detectors
  • Fireworks
  • Permits for Above Ground and Underground Tank Installation and Removal
  • Tent Structures
Inspections of facilities selling alcoholic beverages as well as rooming/boarding houses are also completed.


"The best way to reduce the damages of a fire is to prevent it."