1. Civic Events Programs

    The Civic Events Program assists with recreation and provides reduced tickets to plays and concerts.

  2. Computer Training or Access a Computer

    The Pollard Memorial Library Annex located inside the Senior Center offers computer access as well as training classes.

  3. Free or Reduced Rate Meals for Seniors

    The Senior Center provides a few different meal programs to Seniors at the center including the breakfast program, daily meals, and a weekend meal program.

  4. Free Parking at the Senior Center

    The Lowell Council on Aging has approximately 60 free parking spaces for seniors who utilize our programs.

  5. Outreach Programs & Services

    ​The Lowell Senior Center has senior outreach workers available for seniors and non-English speaking (Khmer, Spanish, Portuguese) residents on-site.

  6. Pollard Memorial Library Annex

    The Pollard Memorial library has a branch inside the senior center where you can borrow books and videotapes.

  7. Senior Center Fitness Program

    Learn about classes and exercise equipment available through the Senior Center Fitness Program.

  8. Senior Tax Abatement Program

    Seniors who are eligible can work up to 100 hours per year and earn up to $750 off of their real-estate property bill.

  9. Telephone Reassurance Program

    We provide a daily telephone reassurance program for the seniors in Lowell who are alone and need to hear a friendly voice.