Contract Partnerships

Garage Management

The Parking Department contracts Republic Parking Services to provide garage management services at:
  • Davidson Surface Lot
  • Edward Early Garage
  • George Ayotte Garage and Lot "A,"
  • Joseph Downes Garage
  • Leo Roy Garage
  • Lower Locks Garage

Republic Parking Services is responsible for the day to day management and maintenance of these facilities.

Security Management

U.S. Security Associates is contracted to provide security services at each of the contracted parking locations and at special events as requested; all parking garages are randomly selected for video monitoring surveillance.

Garages are staffed with a security guard all day, every day. Contact U.S. Security Associates at 603-893-3840, for a free escort service to your vehicle, at any time and for any reason.

On-Street Parking Management

The Parking Department and Republic Parking Services work together to manage the on-street parking via multi-space kiosks, metered surface lots, and time restricted parking areas.

Republic Parking Services is responsible for the collection and maintenance of the kiosks that manage and meter hundreds of spaces.

The City of Lowell Police Department maintains the hundreds of mechanical meters on the streets, and manages the collection of their coins.