1. Request a Final Reading on Water

    Persons wishing to request a final water read should fill out the required form and submit for processing.

  2. Request a Plot Plan of My Land

    To get an up to date plot plan you will need to hire a surveyor to prepare one for you. ​

  3. Request for a Park Location

    The Parks Department is currently working with Management Information Systems (MIS) to expand our online database that will show the parks by location.

  4. Request for Graffiti Removal

    Find out who to contact about removing graffiti.

  5. Request Help When Tree Limb is in the Road

    If a large tree limb has fallen into the road and is blocking traffic, please contact the Department of Public Works.

  6. Request for Missing Street or Traffic Sign

    For replacement of any street and / or traffic signs you'll need to contact the Lowell Police Department.

  7. Request for Repair / Replace of a Street Light

    If a street light is out or malfunctioning it should be reported directly to the Electrical Division.

  8. Request for Repair / Replace of Traffic Lights

    Explore how to request traffic light repairs and how these requests are processed.

  9. Request for Sand for Residents During the Winter

    Sand and salt piles are located in the Department of Public Works parking lot at 1365 Middlesex Street.

  10. Request for Tree Pruning

    Discover how and when tree pruning occurs in your community.

  11. Request if a Tree is on City or Private Property

    The Foreman will work with the Engineering Department to determine ownership.

  12. Request Information on Pothole Damage to My Car

    All claims need to be brought to the City Clerk's Office located o the first floor of City Hall.​

  13. Request to Have a Pothole Repaired

    The Street Department will respond to repair requests as soon as possible.

  14. Request to Schedule a Special Park Event

    Read about the steps necessary for having a special event in a local park.