Although green building programs are promoted in order to lessen the impact of development on the environment and reduce the demand on valuable resources, there are other residual, but no less compelling, benefits to using green construction practices.

Economic Benefits

Although green building techniques can elevate initial up-front costs to a development, studies have shown cost savings over a project's lifecycle due to efficiencies primarily found in maintenance and utility costs.

Another positive economic impact results from policies that look to purchasing materials from the region helping to support local economies, keeping equity in the community.

Lastly, green building technologies are part of a rapidly growing industry, which if supported can contribute to healthy job growth. There are several local companies on the leading edge of the green technology industry.

Employee Productivity

Indoor air pollution concentrations can be between 2 to 5 times worse than air outside, with some measurements reaching 100 times greater. Improvements in indoor environmental quality have shown increases in worker productivity and in some cases reduce absenteeism and the number of sick days taken by employees. One study estimated a national savings of $23 to $56 billion from productivity gains due to indoor environmental quality improvements.

Environmental Benefits

As discussed earlier green buildings work to reduce the overall impact development has on our environment. Greener buildings can reduce air pollutants emitted from energy producing facilities using fossil fuels to generate electricity as well as from appliances used on-site. They can facilitate improved hydrological cycles helping to maintain a clean and abundant access to water resources.

Green practices reduce the amount of waste we need to store, including the management of hazardous materials used daily in the building process, and reduces the amount of resources needed to support development.

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