Ongoing Projects

  1. Acre Plan

    At its creation, the Acre Urban Revitalization and Development Plan was the City’s first urban renewal plan in over 20 years.

  2. Ayer's City Industrial Park Plan

    The Ayer’s City Industrial Park Urban Revitalization and Development Project (Tanner Street Initiative) seeks to revitalize a traditional industrial area of Lowell with the potential to drive the next decade of job creation and industrial resurgence.

  3. BetterBuildings Grant Program

    The city created BetterBuildings Lowell Energy Upgrade (BLEU) in partnership with the Massachusetts Historical Commission and the National Park Service to demonstrate how energy efficiency upgrades can be achieved in commercial buildings while also adhering to historic standards

  4. City Hall Interior Improvements

    The Department of Planning Development provides interior space planning, signage, and architectural guidance for all projects at City Hall.

  5. City Hall Landscape Improvements

    This plan is a long range goal for the City and includes adding more green space, trees and improved pedestrian and handicap access.

  6. City Manager's Neighborhood Impact Initiative

    The Neighborhood Impact Initiative utilizes existing resources in a selected neighborhood each year aiming at a concentration of improvements that will have a positive impact on the neighborhood.

  7. Concord River Greenway

    The Concord River Greenway Park (also known as the CRG or Greenway) is a multi-use trail through the green heart of Lowell.

  8. Downtown Revitalization Projects

    The Department of Planning & Development works each year to maintain and improve the Downtown area.

  9. Hamilton Canal District Plan

    The Hamilton Canal District is Lowell’s premier development opportunity and is the largest single project in the City’s Jackson/Appleton/Middlesex (JAM) Urban Revitalization Plan.

  10. Jackson/Appleton/Middlesex Plan

    The Jackson/Appleton/Middlesex (JAM) Plan was created in order to inject life into the redevelopment of the neighborhood that is located adjacent to the heart of Downtown Lowell.

  11. Kittredge Park

  12. Open Space Plan

    The City of Lowell underwent a planning process in 2013 to prepare an updated Open Space Plan in response to the changing needs of the community and an evolving environmental context.

  13. River's Edge

    River's Edge (formerly Julian Steele) on the Concord is a new family neighborhood currently being developed in Lowell, Massachusetts.

  14. Sign & Facade Program

    As part of the Manager’s Neighborhood Impact Initiative, the Department of Planning & Development reaches out to business and property owners offering the “Signage & Facade Improvement Program” to improve business exteriors and bring properties into compliance with the City’s Zoning Code.