Market Profile

Lowell, Massachusetts, once the birthplace of the American Industrial Revolution. Now a city reborn and the center of a major market area.
  1. Education

    Find educational statistics including enrollment rates for area schools and educational attainment statistics.

  2. Housing

    See housing statistics including the median selling price for a single-family home and a condominium.

  3. ​Income

    Find income statistics for the Great Lowell area.

  4. Labor Force / Payroll

    View labor force statistics for the city of Lowell and Middlesex county. Labor force distribution statistics can also be found along with average payroll information.

  5. Population

    See what the population and population density of Lowell is.

  6. ​The Basics ​

    Find out when Lowell was incorporated, the form of government, and county information.

  7. ​Tourism

    Learn more about the tourism in Lowell including how many visitors per year there are.