A - H

  1. Animal Advisory Committee

    The Animal Advisory Committee advises the City Manager on issues pertaining to animals within the City.

  2. Board of Assessors

    The Board of Assessors is responsible for the valuation of all real and personal property in the City.

  3. Board of Health

    The Board of Health provides policy direction in public health matters and concerns, approves certain licensed professions and businesses, and acts as a hearing forum for various appeals to actions taken by Health Department staff.

  4. Board of Parks

    The Board of Parks has jurisdiction and authority to act in all instances for the promotion and conduct of recreation, play, sport or other similar acts with regard to the use of playgrounds, parks, stadiums, etc.

  5. Cemetery Commission

    The Cemetery Commission is responsible for overseeing matters that affect the City's 6 public cemeteries.

  6. City Council Subcommittees

    Learn about the City Council subcommittees and the appointment of members to them.

  7. Civic Stadium Commission

    The Lowell Civic Stadium Commission advises the City Manager on issues pertaining to the Lowell Civic Stadium.

  8. Commission on Disability

    The Lowell Commission on Disability serves as an advisor to the City on issues relating to citizens with disabilities.

  9. Conservation Commission

    The Conservation Commission is responsible for overseeing the protection of wetlands, riverbanks, and wildlife as defined by the Massachusetts Wetlands Protection Act and City Wetlands Ordinance.

  10. Council on Aging Board

    The Council on Aging is responsible for the efficient delivery of quality services to elderly residents of the City of Lowell.

  11. Cultural Council Board

    The mission of the Lowell Cultural Council (LCC) is to promote excellence, access, education and diversity to improve the quality of life for all Lowell residents.

  12. Election Commission

    The Election Commission is responsible for managing and conducting all municipal, state, and federal elections within the City of Lowell from start to finish.

  13. Historic Board

    The Lowell Historic Board is the City of Lowell's historic preservation agency.

  14. Housing Authority Board

    The Lowell Housing Authority (LHA) secures public and private sector funds to develop, manage, and administer affordable housing programs.

  15. Hunger & Homeless Commission

    The Hunger and Homeless Commission advises the City Manager on issues pertaining to Homelessness and Hunger in the City.