Advisory Board and Commission Vacancies


Number of Vacancies Advisory Body    
1 Member (Veteran) Lowell Memorial Board of Trustees    
1 Member Sustainability Council    
3 Member Lowell Veterans Commission    
1 Member  Conservation Commission    

Holdover Seats

Advisory Body Member Name Position Term Exp. Date
Board of Assessors Susan LeMay Chair 6/30/2015
Board of Assessors Joel Cohen Member 6/30/2014
Board of Assessors Mabel Bond Member  
Civic Stadium Commission Matthew Donahue Member 10/6/2014
Civic Stadium Commission George Eliades Member (UML Appointee) 5/18/2008
Civic Stadium Commission Francis Talty Member (UML Appointee) 7/1/2008
Civic Stadium Commission Marjorie Miller Member 9/27/2005
Civic Stadium Commission Dana Skinner Member (UML Appointee) 7/31/2003
Historic Board Debra Grossman Res Member - Bar Association Nominee 2/28/2017
Pollard Memorial Library Board of Trustees Patricia Noreau Member 9/1/2016
Taxicab and Livery Commission Jeffrey Wilson Member 6/30/2016
Updated 5/17/2019