First Time Applicants

Tobacco Permit Application Instructions (First Time Applicants) 

1. To save you time, the first step is to go to the Department of Revenue website at and apply for the required tobacco retailer license(s). You may need to register first. If you plan on selling cigarettes AND cigars and smoking tobacco you will need TWO licenses:

  • Retailer License for the Sale of Cigarettes; and
  • Retailer License for the Sale of Cigars and Smoking Tobacco

Please note that the name you will be doing business as (DBA) MUST appear on the state licenses. The same name MUST also appear at the top of the tobacco permit application from the Lowell Health Department. This name IS NOT the corporate name, unless that is the only name you will be using.

2. If you have not already done so, go to the Lowell City Clerk’s Office at City Hall, 375 Merrimack Street and apply for a Business Certificate.

3. Completely fill out and sign a Tobacco Permit Application. Note: Do not put the corporate information at the top of the form, as there is a section for it half-way down the form. Your DBA name should go at the top. Please add at least two different phone numbers to the form.  

4. Write a check or money order in the amount of $125.00 payable to the City of Lowell.

5. Once you have your state licenses and business certificate in hand, you need to go to the Treasurer’s Office at City Hall to get a sign off on a Tax Status Form, which indicates that no business or property taxes are owed to the city for your business location. You can also pick up the Tax Status Form at the Lowell Health Department, 107 Merrimack Street. IMPORTANT: You must bring the tax form to the Health Department on the same day you get the sign-off as it is only good for the day.

6. Bring the original complete application package (state licenses, business certificate, permit application, check or money order, and the Tax Form) to the Health Department, 107 Merrimack Street. You may also mail the application package, but bringing it in person is preferable as there may be issues that need to be addressed right away.

Once we have received the complete application package, we will review it and if everything is in order, we will perform an inspection of your business to give you required signs, review the regulations, and ensure there is no tobacco products on the premises. Unless you intend to operate as a “Retail Tobacco Store”, a special category of establishments subject to higher standards and additional application requirements, you WILL NOT be able to sell FLAVORED tobacco products.

For more detailed instructions on how to apply for a tobacco permit, please call (978) 674-1073.

  1. Cesar Pungirum

    Tobacco Control Director

  2. Tobacco Control Division

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