Event Permits

How to Obtain a Permit for a Special Event in Lowell
Special Event Permit ApplicationMulti-Day Event Permit ApplicationStreet Closing Application

Applications must be submitted 30 days before the date of your event and will be reviewed within 2 weeks of receipt. 

Block Parties, Road Races, Festivals, Filming require 2 months advance notification to the Cultural Affairs and Special Events Office. 

Larger scale events such as major festivals with over 500 attendees should contact the Cultural Affairs and Special Events Office 6 months in advance of the date of the event. 

If you’re applying for a road race, you will need to provide a route map and a detailed safety plan.

The permit application is a "fillable" PDF that can be saved to your desktop, edited electronically and emailed back to our office; or it can be printed if necessary. A Special Events Permit fee of $25 (check or money order only) will be required at the time of application. Additional fees may apply. Please contact our office at 978-446-1482 if you have any additional questions.

Do you plan to serve alcohol or have amplified music?

Events serving alcohol or using amplification systems will need to receive separate licenses from the License Commission. The License Commission also issues permits for sidewalk stands. To obtain the Special Permit for Amplified Public Entertainment contact John Pyers to reserve a time for a meeting. 

The Lowell License Commission meetings are scheduled to convene bi-monthly in the Council Chamber.

Do you plan to serve food at the event?

If you plan on serving food or including food trucks or vendors, you will need to contact Development Services/Health at (978) 674-1458 to make sure their food service inspections are up-to-date and to obtain the necessary forms.

If using propane, you will also need to contact Fire Prevention to schedule an inspection. 

Do you plan to host your event at a public park?

You can reserve a public park for a special event. Apply online at lowellrec.com or contact Board of Parks for more information. 

 Please take a look at our in-depth GUIDE to obtaining permits for special events and festivals.