Flag Raisings

Apply for a Flag Raising

In addition to the flags customarily flown at JFK Plaza, the City of Lowell commemorates flags from many countries during the year.

To schedule a flag raising ceremony at City Hall, please fill out the Flag Raising Application Form.

Please be aware that applications will be reviewed on a first come first served basis.

We recommend that you submit the application to the Office of Cultural affairs and Special Events three to four weeks prior to the date of the flag raising.

2021 Flag Raising Dates

Date Country
February 5 Afro American
February 15 Lithuania
February 26 Dominican Republic
March 5 Ghana
March 8 Irish Cultural Week 
March 17 St. Patrick's Day
March 25 Greece
April 14 Khmer New Year
April 24 Armenia
May 3 Poland
June 1 Pride Month
June 5 Kenya
June 10 Portugal
June 19 Juneteenth 
June 24 Franco-American
July 20 Colombia
August 7 Puerto Rico
August 14 India
August 22 Laos