IFB 23-15: Pavement Preservation - Crackseal & Micro-Surface (Substantially Complete)

Project DescriptionRoadway pavement preservation methods crack-sealing (12 miles) and micro-sealing (4 miles) on 23 streets in the City of Lowell.

Crackseal Street List (COMPLETE)

Day 1

Parker St    -   Powell St to Wilder St (COMPLETED)

Totman Rd  - Varnum Ave to End (COMPLETED) 

Day 2,3,4

Pawtucket Blvd (EB)  - Old Ferry Rd to Dunbar Ave

Pawtucket Blvd (WB) - Old Ferry Rd to Dunbar Ave

Day 5

Rogers St  - Waverly Ave to Butman Rd

Day 6

Lakeview Ave - Bridge St to W-6th St

Day 7

Central St  - Church St to Warren St

Lewis St  - Broadway St to Market St

Llewellyn St  - Reservoir St to First St

Day 8

Nesmith St  - Andover St to Rogers St

Newhall St  - Chambers St to Whipple St

Day 9

Gorham St  - Moore St to Bowden St

Day 10

Broadway St  - School St to Dutton St

Day 11

Hurd St - Central St to Warren St

Jackson St - Central St to Canal St

Warren St  - Church St to Central St

Day 12

Gorham St - Bowden St to Town Line

Gorham St   - Central St to Lowell Connector

Carlisle St  - Gorham St to Chelmsford Town Line

Day 13

Boston Rd - Fruit St to Chelmsford Town Line

Day 14

Lawrence St - Boylston St to Morton St

Day 15

Boylston St - Rogers St to 495 Bridge

Fletcher St  - Pawtucket St to Dutton St 

Micro-Surface Street List (TO BEGIN IN JULY)

Boston Rd  -  Fruit St  to Chelmsford Town Line

Boylston St -  Rogers St  to  495 Bridge

Broadway St  - School St  to Dutton St

Carlisle St  - Gorham St  to Chelmsford Town Line

Gorham St - Bowden St  to Town Line

Gorham St  -  Central St  to  Lowell Connector

Hurd St   - Central St  to  Warren St

Jackson St  -  Central St  to Canal St

Lawrence St -  Boylston St  to  Morton St

Warren St  - Church St to Central St

Start Date: April 3, 2023

Estimated Completion Date: June 30, 2023

Estimated Cost: $1,075,783.00

Contractor: Sealcoating Inc DBA Indus

City Contact: Engineering Office 

            Phone: 978-674-4070 

                        Email: EngineersDept@lowellma.gov

Status Updates: 

3/31/2023: Work will commence with the 12 miles of cracksealing on April 3, 2023. This work is temperature and weather sensitive and subject to change.

6/27/2023: Cracksealing complete. Micro-surfacing will begin in July, weather permitting. 

Additional Resource(s):

Crack Seal Product Information - BETA Group Website

Microsurfacing Product Information - BETA Group Website

Project File(s)