Accepted vs Unaccepted Streets

Procedure for Street Acceptance (PDF): This is a summary of the procedure to accept a street. With a new sub-division, this is easy to understand. However, there are many older streets that were never accepted by the City. This is a list of the work that must now be undertaken by city staff. The information is then submitted to the City Council for acceptance

Road Surface Rating (RSR)

The City has had an inventory done of all streets to determine a Road Surface Rating (RSR). We use this rating and additional selection criteria to determine each year's paving list, as discussed in the paving selection document below.

Street Paving Moratorium List

Street Paving Moratorium List (PDF): As each street is paved, it falls into a moratorium category. Requests for non-emergency work are denied for 5 years after a street is paved. Emergency conditions are defined by the DPW Commissioner.