Maps, Plans & House Numbers

We have charge and custody of all maps, plans and surveys of all right-of-ways, sidewalks, bridges, landings, sanitary sewers, storm water drains, dams, reservoirs and other public land, works and structures.

You can obtain a copy of any of the following (There is a charge for reproduction costs):
  • Any of the maps (street map, zoning map, ward and precinct map, etc.)
  • Data relative to the location of your sanitary sewer service connection.
  • Engineering information to architects, consulting engineers and contractors relative to city infrastructure, policies, and standards.
  • Floodplain, flood zone and flood elevations information
  • Land surveyors with information relative to street line, layout, land plans, street acceptance plans, topographical plans and assessor maps.
  • Plans (land survey plan, subdivision plan, right-of-way layout and utility plan, etc.) on file
  • Records management for engineering plans, drawings, field books and various records relating to all city-owned infrastructure including: street acceptance plans, drainage plans, field books, parks and playgrounds, city-owned buildings (except schools), etc.

Other Services

We also provide the following services:
  • Assign all street numbers (addresses) to all dwellings, tenements and buildings in the City.
  • Pavement management services to inspect, rate and prioritize city streets for restoration or preventive treatments.
  • Prepare and file record of all sidewalk and sanitary sewer assessment data.
  • Project management and construction management of various capital improvement projects including: street and sidewalk construction; pavement rehabilitation and preventive treatments, and traffic signal and intersection improvements.