IFB 24-66: Reclaim Cold Planing and Paving of Streets

Street From To
Baldwin St Middlesex St Westford St
Beacon Terr Beacon St Durant St
Boulevard St Varnum Ave End
Carmine St Woburn St Chamberlain St
E. Durant St Christian St Bradley St
E. Richardson St Christian St Mt. Pleasant St
East Sixth St Christian St Dracut TL
Fidler Terr Mt. Pleasant St End
Hadley St Middlesex St Princeton Blvd
Kerry St 10th St End
Meredith Ave Kerry St Christian St
Pawtucket BLVD (EB) Dunbar Ave Clay Pit Brook
Pawtucket St Broadway St Wilder St
Pratt Ave Middlesex St Princeton Blvd
Reservoir St Christian St Mt. Pleasant St
Sprague Ave Boylston St Tewksbury TL
St Paul St Campbell St Fairfield St
Terry Ave Christian St Durant St
West Fifth Ave Woodland Ave Courtland St
Westchester St Campbell St Fairfield St
Western Ave School St End

Project Description: Reclaim, Cold Planing, and Paving on the streets listed above.


Estimated Start Date: April 2024

Estimated Completion Date: December 2024

Estimated Cost: $1,597,602.00

Contractor: EJ Paving

City Contact: Engineering Office 

            Phone: 978-674-4070 

                        Email: EngineersDept@lowellma.gov

Status Updates: