Health & Human Services

The Health and Human Services Department includes the following departments:
The arrangement of these departments under one umbrella enables services to be delivered in a more efficient and effective manner and fosters a collaborative partnership between the departments. 

The Health and Human Services Director is able to provide direct leadership that key services require, a more cohesive link to boards and commissions as well as offer daily support to various departments and divisions. The Director acts at the point person, reporting to the City Manager, to carry out the vision of the Administration and Council. The HHS Department promotes collaboration increasing opportunities for interdepartmental partnerships.  
 Recreation and the Library enhance coordination of activities for the city’s youth. Recreation also works with the COA and Veterans Services for volunteer opportunities. The Library continues to build its relationship with the Council on Aging, including the satellite branch at the Senior Center. The Health and Human Services Department also has increased partnerships with nonprofits, health organizations and schools in Lowell who work tirelessly to make life better for city residents of all ages.