License to Carry (LTC) for Occupational Purposes

  1. Applicants for an LTC for occupational purposes must, in addition to completing the Massachusetts State Police-approved Firearms Safety Course/live fire training referenced 2, satisfactorily demonstrate that they have training or experience that satisfies the key components of courses focused on concealed carry of a firearm in public places. For example, such components include, but are not limited to: de-escalation of violence techniques; the lawful use of deadly force; responsibilities associated with carrying a concealed weapon; and concealed carry techniques. Applicants may satisfy this condition by submitting evidence of such training or experience or by successful completion of one of the following training courses:
  2. Applicants for an LTC for occupational purposes must further furnish to the Lowell Police Department a signed letter from the applicant's employer identifying in detail the nature of the business and the reason(s) for requiring such an LTC.