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The Face of Addiction

Parents, please take a moment to watch this video, The Face of Addiction. You will be surprised at what the face of addiction looks like. This is real and it can happen to anyone.

Public Service Announces Featuring Melissa Weiksnar

View a Public Service Announcement featuring Melissa Weiksnar, mother of Amy Caruso.

Tewksbury Hospital Community Forum

Our first forum with Middlesex Community College in September of 2009, was created to bring awareness to the problem. View the Tewksbury Hospital Community Forum.

Clear & Present Danger

Clear and Present Danger is a community forum in October of 2009, introduced us to Brian Sullivan bringing his message to the community in memory of his son Colm. Hear from the City Manager, District Attorney and Representative Tom Golden.

Addiction Resources

Addiction Resources expands on the answer and questions segment at the end of the Lowell High School April 2011 forum.

Lowell High School Community Forum to Prevent Opioid Overdoses

The Lowell High School Community Forum to Prevent Opioid Oversdoses in April of 2011, was created to mirror the Chelmsford forum for the Lowell Community includes Melissa Weiksner, Lowell Police, and information on what the legislation is doing to combat the problem.

Not Me - Not My Child!

Not Me - Not My Child! is brought to us by the Chelmsford Police and Health Departments in November of 2010. This community forum was our first introduction to Melissa Weiksner, bringing her message to the community in memory of her daughter, Amy. Chelmsford Police Detectives define opioids and what to look for to determine if someone in your family is facing this issue.

Opioids for Chronic Pain

Opiods for Chronic Pain is a professional presentation in February of 2010, was created for prescribing doctors by Dr. Daniel P. Alford MD, MPH the Associate Professor of Medicine at Boston University School of Medicine, Boston Medical Center. "Maximizing Benefits and Minimizing Risks" discusses how to manage patients with chronic pain and describes the fine line between need and abuse. Community members will get a strong understanding of the dilemma doctors can face.

How to Respond to Someone Who Has Overdosed on an Opioid

September, 2010, 8 minutes. Learn to Cope's founder Joanne Petterson describes the risks, prevention tips and how to respond to someone who has overdosed on an Opioid in the How to Respond to Someone Who Has Overdosed on an Opiod video. Learn to Cope came to Lowell in September of 2010.

The organization has regular weekly meetings throughout the Greater Lowell area. Visit the Learn to Cope website for further information as well as other locations. You can also join the 24/7 live chat web resource in the comfort of your own home for support to chat with someone who knows exactly what you are going through because they have lived with the same or similar experiences. You are not alone!

The Face of Addiction

2012, 5:52 minutes. Heroin addiction too often conjures images of nasty, back-alley shooting dens. During the last decade, the combination of new, powerful prescription pain medications diverted for street use and cheaper, stronger heroin has exploded into a public health epidemic.

It reaches into every community in Massachusetts. Abuse of prescription opiates and heroin addiction kills nearly 2 people every day in Massachusetts. It does not discriminate by race, class or age. An important step in addressing this problem is to recognize its scope. More information on some of our efforts to curb this problem is available on the Norfolk District Attorney website, but today, I invite you to meet the face of heroin addiction in 2012.

View The Face of Addiction video.

I Thought I Knew

5:45 minutes. Be part of the solution. Addiction can happen to anyone. Watch this moving 5 minute I Thought I Knew YouTube video and remember, addiction has no boundaries and it can happen to you or someone you love!