Meals on Wheels

These meals are delivered to the home-bound seniors in Lowell. There are actually two programs and they are for people on a regular diet or a special diabetic diet.

Merrimack Valley Nutritional Program

The Merrimack Valley Nutritional Program delivers hot meals, Monday though Friday.
  • Recipients to be 60 years of age or older.
  • Recipients must be a resident of The City of Lowell.
  • Recipients must be home-bound (confined to a bed, chair, apartment, or house). This would mean that the recipient is unable to leave his/her residence except for hospital, clinic, or doctor visits.
  • Temporary cases of emergency meals are available; this must be waived by the Director of the program.

Merrimack Valley Nutrition Project

The Merrimack Valley Nutrition Project provides meals on wheels including diet type on percentage basis from each site in Lowell.
  • Participants are asked to make a donation of $2 per day.
  • This project accounts for 25% of all meals served at the various sites.
  • Age requirement for this program is 60 and over.


If you have additional comments, questions, or concerns, please contact the Senior Center at 978-674-4131 for assistance.