Senior Resources

Referral Services

  • Elder Services of Merrimack Valley (ESMV) offers Meals on Wheels, Assistance with Home Care, Case Management, and Support for Seniors and Caregivers including telephone referrals. ESMV can be reached at 1-800-892-0890. 
  • MassOptions offers telephone and online referrals for seniors and people with disabilities, statewide. Call 844-422-6277.
  • BenefitsCheckup helps you identify financial assistance programs you might be eligible for, including housing, health, and food supports (online only).
  • Visit our Outreach Worker, Amy Medina Leal to learn about benefits and services you might be eligible for based on age, health condition or income. Please schedule an appointment by calling 978-674-1167. 

Veterans' Services

The Lowell Department of Veterans' Services is located in the Senior Center and offers benefits and referrals to eligible U.S. military veterans and their spouses, widows or dependents. Stop in or schedule an appointment at 978-674-4066.

Snow Shoveling Assistance

This volunteer program is currently recruiting Lowell residents willing to help shovel a neighbor's sidewalk or driveway. Please contact Glady Rosa at 978-674-1168 or 

Legal Services

Please call 1-800-342-5297 to set up an appointment with an Elder Tax Clinic.

Medicare Counseling

Call 1-800-243-4636, press 3 for a call back from a SHINE volunteer for assistance with Medicare and supplemental health insurance options. You can also compare your Medicare coverage options online with the Medicare PlanFinder tool.

Health Services

Please check  the Heritage Newsletter for this month's schedule. We offer blood pressure, foot clinics, Reiki, physical therapy Q&A, hearing screening, and other health services and presentations on-site at the Senior Center. The Senior Center is not currently accepting donations for our medical equipment loan program.

Tax Preparation

AARP Volunteer Tax Assistance is available each spring at the Senior Center for eligible adults. 

Tax & Utility Discounts for Elder Homeowners

FREE Transportation to Senior Center

The Lowell Senior Center offers free transportation to the Senior center for Lowell residents age 60+. Call 978-674-4131.

Medical Transportation

Senior Dial-a-Ride is available for all people age 60+ for medical rides only. ADA Paratransit curb-to-curb service is available for people with a disability that prevents them from using a fixed route bus—for all trip types. Call Road Runner at 978-459-0152 for either service. CareRide, a pilot program of Elder Services of Merrimack Valley with funding from Lowell General, provides non-emergency medical transportation in the Greater Lowell area and to Boston for people age 65+. Bills come to your address monthly, $4/each way for local trips. Contact Alexandra Luciano, CareRide Program Coordinator at 978-651-3118 or 


If you have additional comments, questions, or concerns, please contact the Senior Center at 978-674-4131 for assistance.

Learn about Financial Programs for Seniors

FREE Transportation to Senior Center

The Lowell Senior Center offers free transportation to the Senior center 5 days a week for Lowell residents age 60+. Call 978-674-4131 before 9:00 a.m. on the day you want to visit! Rides ho

Reducing Costs for Senior Homeowners (Oct. 2019)

Lowell's property tax exemptions, home repair and renovation programs, home heating assistance, and financial advising for homeowners at risk of losing housing were discussed.

Senior Income from Part-Time Service (Sept. 2019)

Operation ABLE subsidized work program, Community Teamwork Senior Companion/Foster Grandparent stipend volunteers, Adult Family Care stipends for qualifying caregivers, and property tax reduction through serving city offices were discussed.