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Lowell has ample parking opportunities in all its main districts. When you visit the our main downtown area, we suggest you take advantage of our public garages. Fees are the same across all garages.

Hours of enforcement are 8:00 am to 6:00 pm Monday through Saturday. If you did happen to enjoy Lowell too much and need to pay your parking citation, there are options. For questions regarding parking in Lowell, please call 978-674-4014.


To learn more about where to park in Lowell please visit our Facilities page.

Parking Fees in Lowell

Parking in Lowell costs $1.50 per hour on the street, in metered lots, and in all parking garages. If you plan to stay longer than 2 hours, our Parking Garages are your best choice. Please be aware that if you are using a credit card to pay for your metered space, you will be charged the 1 hour minimum. You can purchase additional time via the white button on the pay station, up to the maximum allowed time. We accept coins, bills and credit cards at all pay stations across the city. You can use the Passport Pay-By-Phone app to pay for on street parking using your smartphone. (More about how to pay for parking and how to Pay By Phone).

Respect Loading Zones

Loading Zones are for commercial vehicles servicing local business only. It is ok for business owners to load and unload their vehicles if they own a business close by. The maximum time you should spend in a loading zone is 30 minutes.

Permit Parking

Lowell offers a variety of parking permits to residents, visitors and local business owners. Residents living in dense neighborhoods can take advantage of Residential Parking Stickers and purchase a Reserved Dwelling Parking sign, while downtown residents and professionals can purchase monthly passcards for public parking garages. Apply for a permit here.

Parking Citations

There are a number of options for paying a parking citation, including online, by mail or in person at the Treasurer's office at City Hall. Unfortunately, parking citations cannot be paid at the Parking Dept. For more information, visit the Parking Citations page.

Parking Projects

Visit the Parking Projects page to learn more about recent or ongoing parking projects. Information on the Hamilton Canal Parking Garage can be found there.

Parking Department Partners

The City of Lowell Parking Department works with LAZ Parking on the day-to day facilities operations and management of Lowell Parking Garages.