Volunteer at the Lowell Police Department

Citizen Participation

In an effort to increase citizen participation and integration into the Lowell Police Department community policing initiatives, a formalized volunteer program has been in place since 1996. The goal of the Lowell Police Department Volunteer Program is to provide residents, as well as students seeking practicum experience, opportunities to make a difference in their community.

Quality Service

Our volunteers are seen as definite factors in providing a quality service to the community as well as enhancing the problem solving efforts of the police and community groups tackling neighborhood problems. Volunteers help extend and expand the scope of existing positions by providing skills, experience, new ideas, objective viewpoints and much needed additional staffing. The Lowell Police Department recognizes that volunteers enhance our existing work force and promote a closer relationship between the community and the police department. We are honored to include our volunteers in our community-policing model.

Generally speaking, Police volunteers will:
  • Assist the public as a precinct volunteer
  • Help at City events
  • Supplement staff in departments at headquarters
  • Tutor school age children.


Police volunteers serve in neighborhood precincts located throughout the City, in the Highlands, Back Central, Belvidere, Lowell Housing Authority sites, and at the Lowell Police Department Headquarters.


Students performing practicum are required to volunteer for one semester (9-10 hours per week). Community volunteers are asked to volunteer for a minimum of four hours per week. Most volunteer positions have flexible schedules and the Volunteer Coordinator often works with volunteers to accommodate individual needs and time constraints.

Ready to become a Police Volunteer?!?

  • The first step is to request a Police Volunteer Application by calling the Volunteer Coordinator at Community Services at 978-937-3210
  • Once the Volunteer Coordinator has received your Volunteer Application, it will be reviewed for completion
  • References are called
  • A criminal history check is completed
  • An interview is scheduled
  • Tasks and schedules are discussed with prospective volunteers
Comments, questions, or concerns? Contact the Volunteer Coordinator at Community Services via 978-937-3210.