Historic Board



The Lowell Historic Board (LHB) is the City of Lowell's historic preservation agency. Central to the Board's responsibilities is its design review, permitting, and enforcement authority in the Downtown Lowell Historic District and ten additional neighborhood districts.

In addition to its design review and permitting activities, among other responsibilities the Board also:
  • Provides technical assistance regarding preservation and design citywide
  • Maintains a comprehensive survey of over 2,500 historic resources in Lowell
  • Runs an active community engagement and outreach program including:
    • Electronic, quarterly newsletter
    • Social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest
    • Sign grant program for small businesses in the Downtown Lowell Historic District
    • Downtown Lowell Historic District building markers
    • Neighborhood historic district house markers 
Please explore this website to learn more about the Historic Board, permitting requirements, and historic preservation in general and also follow us on social media.  

Historic Board

Title Member Name Term Exp. Date
Chair Jeffrey Harris 2/28/2022
Vice Chair Kerry Regan Jenness 2/28/2021
Member Richard Lockhart 2/28/2023
Member Lisa "LC" Cassidy 2/28/2023
Member George Villaras 2/29/2022
Member Troy Depeiza 2/29/2022
Member Christine McCall 2/29/2022
Member James Wilde 2/28/2021
Member Aurora Erickson 2/28/2021
Administrator Stephen Stowell   
Old black and white panoramic photo of Lowell