Comprehensive Master Plan Update - Lowell Forward 2040

The City of Lowell is excited to partner with Utile on Lowell Forward - the City of Lowell's Comprehensive Master Plan update. Lowell Forward will engage our community in creating a shared vision and framework to guide and shape the future of our city. This citywide planning initiative will knit together past, present, and future planning efforts across areas in the city, from Downtown to our unique and celebrated neighborhoods, to our transportation networks, open space, and natural resources.

We need your voice to make this Plan happen! Join us as we work together to craft a resilient vision and roadmap for Lowell in the next 20 years. 

Additional information, including upcoming events and ways to get involved, will be posted on this page as they become available. Please contact Francesca Cigliano at 978-674-1424 or with any questions.

Access the project website at

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Existing Plan Overview - Sustainable Lowell 2025

Sustainable Lowell 2025 is the result of an extensive planning process that took place between 2011-2013, with substantial public participation, data collection and analysis.

Adopted by the Lowell Planning Board and endorsed by the City Council in March of 2013, it serves as the City's Comprehensive Master and Sustainability Plan, and provides a shared vision for the on-going development and revitalization of the City, with particular emphasis placed on economic, social and environmental sustainability.

View the entire Sustainable Lowell 2025 Plan (PDF).

Plan Sections

View the following chapters of the Sustainable Lowell 2025 Plan (PDF).