Community Gardens


The City of Lowell supports community initiatives that promote citywide sustainability, community pride, and healthy living, and therefore encourages qualified residents to work together to establish, manage, and maintain their own community garden sites on city-owned property. Community gardens are cultivated and maintained spaces where volunteers work collectively to achieve a common goal of growing fresh, healthy produce in our city.
Raised garden bed with plants

Establish a New Garden

To apply to establish a new community garden in the city, you must follow the process outlined below:
  1. Form a Garden Committee of at least 8 volunteer gardeners and at least one Garden Coordinator
  2. Select a location (The city's Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Maps page can help identify whether the property you have in mind is city-owned. The city will provide land and water for the site.)
  3. Meet with city representatives to discuss plans for the garden
  4. Identify and secure funding
  5. Submit an Agreement Form (PDF) (This applies to Garden Coordinators only.)
  6. Review and sign the Guidelines and Release Form (PDF) (This applies to all gardeners.)
  7. Draft a License Agreement with the City
  8. Put Seeds in the Soil

Want help in establishing a new community garden? Mill City Grows, a local non-profit organization dedicated to increasing local food access, offers a Garden Coordinator Institute that can help you prepare for your community garden.

Apply for a Plot in an Existing Community Garden

Individual residents looking to apply for a single garden plot within an existing garden should contact the following organizations to inquire about plot availability:

Coalition for a Better Acre:


Lowell Alliance:


Mill City Grows:


If you have any other questions related to Community Gardens or would like to set up a time to meet with planning staff, please contact Neighborhood Planner: at 978-674-1405.

Gardeners meeting at Mill City Grows