South Common Master Plan

The City was awarded grant funding through the state's Gateway Urban Parks grant program for completion of a master plan for South Common in 2010. This important park is an Olmsted design and located in the center of the city, adjacent to the Lowell Connector, downtown, and the Gallagher terminal. The Department of Planning & Development (DPD) planning staff worked with consultants Browne, Richardson and Rowe, Inc. (BR&R) to hold public meetings and develop a "Preferred Alternative" Master Plan.
South Common Plan map rendition
Elements discussed included:
  • Lighting
  • Pedestrian and trolley connections through the park
  • Playground
  • Soccer field
  • Spray park
  • Walking track

The Master Plan was then used to obtain additional funds from the state's PARC grant program for design development of South Common. The DPD continued to work with BR&R on construction documents for a Phase 1, which were completed in the summer of 2011.

The City's goal is to obtain further funding to construct Phase 1 and develop the other phases of the project. View the Master Plan (PDF).