To:         Members of the School Improvement & Performance Management Subcommittee 

From:                   Dr. Joel D. Boyd, Superintendent of Schools

Date:                    February 16, 2022

Ref:                       Meeting Notice_____________________________________________________

 The Chair of the School Improvement & Performance Management Subcommittee has requested that a meeting be held.

 Date: Wednesday, February 16, 2022

Place: City Hall – Council Chamber 

Time: 5:30 PM 


 The Purpose of this meeting is to review and discuss the following:

 · Data-Driven Decision Making and School Improvement Updates


xc: City Clerk

Dr. Joel Boyd, Superintendent

Dominik Lay, Chairperson

Andy Descoteaux, Member

Stacey Thompson, Member

Liam Skinner, Adm. Representative

Mary Sheehan,

Recorder Kris McNeil, LTC


Data-Driven Decision Making Report for February 16, 2022