Can the City negotiate a better rate?
No. The Telecommunications act of 1996 deregulated rate making for all cable television rates except the basic service tier. The Cable Division of the Massachusetts Department of Telecommunications and Energy regulates rates for the basic service tier.

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1. Are there any discounts for senior citizens?
2. Can the City negotiate a better rate?
3. Does the City have any control over programming?
4. How do I contact them for service?
5. How do I obtain service if I live in a multiple dwelling unit?
6. If the cable-related problem continues unresolved, what is my next step?
7. If the cable service is interrupted, can I obtain a refund?
8. What Cable service provider(s) operate in the City of Lowell?
9. Who do I contact to complain about a cable-related problem?
10. Who handles local programming how do I get involved?