Where do I get a 209A order?
You may apply for protection in the district or probate court which serves your community. If you find it necessary to flee your home to avoid abuse, you may go to the district or probate court serving the community where you are staying. If you need further assistance or do not know where the nearest courthouse is located, contact the local police department for assistance.

Go to the Civil Clerk's Office in any court and ask for a Restraining Order or a 209A order. You will receive the necessary forms to complete. Ask someone at the clerk's office to direct you to the victim witness office for help.

In the courts of Middlesex County, there will be a Victim Witness Advocate from the District Attorney's Office to help you complete the paper work and to discuss the option of filing criminal charges against your abuser. You don't have to file criminal charges to obtain a 209A order. However, criminal charges may be necessary in holding a batterer responsible for acts committed against you. The advocate will assist you in preparing a safety plan. For more information related to Domestic Violence, contact Lieutenant Mark Buckley or Officer Carlos Mercado at the Family Services Unit via 978-970-4023.

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