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Mammoth Road Cemetery

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  • In use from 1796 to 1899 and located at 70 Mammoth Road, this cemetery is approximately 9,690 square feet. It is also known as the Pawtucket Cemetery.
  • The oldest gravestone at the Pawtucket Cemetery is for Eleanor Varnum (1794-1796) who was the young daughter of Colonel James Varnum (1747-17??) and his second wife Eleanor Bridges Varnum (1758-1801). James was the son of John Parker Varnum (1705-1785) who lived at 495 Varnum Avenue and grandson of John Varnum (1669-1715), reportedly the first white child born in the Merrimack River Valley. James was a Captain in the Revolutionary War and was then promoted to Colonel of the 3rd Regiment, 2nd Brigade of the Mass State Militia. He is buried in the Pawtucket Cemetery in the tomb of Captain Phineas Whiting.
  • The earliest Coburn family member buried here was Asa Colburn in 1800, who was the great-great-grandson of Ezra Coburn (1658-1739), son of Edward Coburn and Hannah Varnum (1661-?) who was the daughter of Samuel Varnum.
  • The Pawtucket Cemetery is the final burial place for many decorated military officers of Dracut, including Captain Coburn Blood, Jr., Captain Elisha Ford, Captain John Ford, Captain Phineas Whiting, and Colonel James Varnum.
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