Filming in Lowell

Lowell welcomes film productions of all sizes and scopes. An original New England city, we have an array of neighborhoods, including waterfronts, many styles of architecture, the famous mills, parks and business fronts.


Lowell has a wide variety of interesting locations to choose from for your production, from an array of architecture to unique neighborhoods. Lowell’s river and canal waterfronts, industrial spaces, parks and cityscapes can be explored independently or with a representative from the Office of Cultural Affairs and Special Events.

Permits Needed:

We are happy to work with film crews on an individual basis to ensure all of your needs are met, including:
  • Filming Permit Application
  • Parking for crew and talent 
  • Basecamp location
  • Police details in the event traffic needs to be interrupted 
  • Day and night shoot logistics
  • Street Closings


Film Production Fee Schedule

Item Fee
Filming Permit (small production) $25 per shoot
Filming Permit (large production) $25 per day
Street Closing Permit $75 per closing
Parking - per metered space $10 per day
Street Closing Permit $10
Trash Dumping (Production Company hauls to City Dumpster) $300 minimum
Trash Removal (Daily Removal by City Services) $500 minimum
Police Detail for Traffic Management and Safety $60 per hour (4 hour min)
Police Supervisor (required when 4plus details needed) $68 per hour (4h minimum)


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Roberto Dei, Special Event Coordinator
City of Lowell, Office of Cultural Affairs and Special Events
(978) 674.1482 // RDei@LowellMA.Gov