City Auditor


Reporting to the City Council and working closely with the Office of the City Manager, the Office of the City Auditor is responsible for a variety of tasks including the following:

Financial Oversight

Responsible for the approval, payment and recording of all financial transactions for the City, this includes monitoring all City spending in order to ensure that all departmental expenditures correspond with state and federal laws, that expenses are accounted for and properly documented, and that spending does not exceed the budgets established by the City Council and City Manager.

Financial Safeguards

Which includes establishing appropriate controls, policies and procedures, coordinating internal audits and analysis of City operations and programs, and implementing recommendations made by the City's outside independent auditors through the annual management letter.

Financial Reporting

Which includes assisting the City Council in its review of the City budget, maintaining fixed assets records, and preparing the City's various reports, analysis, and public financial statements, for the City Council, State, and Federal agencies.


Which processes payrolls for all employees, including deductions, W-2 Federal and State reporting, and all accruals.

Accounts Payable

Which reviews all contracts, purchase orders, and invoices, and processes all payments made by the City.

Prior Year Financial Statements

City Council Year to Date MUNIS Budget Reports