Check Status of an Invoice Payment

Payment Status

Have you issued an invoice to the City of Lowell, and want to know the status of the payment for that invoice?

We recommend the following course of action to help you get paid as quickly as possible:

  1. Contact the City Department that ordered the supplies or services from you to ensure that they have been received or rendered.
  2. Verify that the City Department has received your invoice.
  3. Verify that the City Department has submitted your invoice for payment.
  4. Depending on when the invoices are submitted for payment, it may take up to three weeks for payment to be received.
Note that once a City Department submits an invoice for payment, it is processed by Accounts Payable, who processes them on an ongoing basis with a weekly check run cycle.


If you need assistance from Accounts Payable, please contact us via 978-674-4075. Prior to contacting us, please make sure to have the following information ready:

  • What City Department ordered the supplies / services from you?
  • What is the Purchase Order number?