CSO Public Access Points

The following locations along the Merrimack River are considered public access points that could be affected by a CSO discharge for the Lowell collection system:

Municipality Type Name Location
Methuen Fishing and Boating Riverside Conservation 1110 Riverside Drive
Andover Public Access Greater Lawrence Technical School Area 53 River Road
Lawrence Fishing and Boating Riley Park 57 Wolcott Avenue


Signs should be posted at each of the locations listed above. The signs should read as follows:

Caution: Waterbody is downstream of a combined sewer outfall. This area is considered an impacted area for outfalls from Lowell.

Outfalls from these areas may discharge rainwater mixed with untreated sewage following rain events.

Discharges could contain bacteria that can cause illness. Avoid swimming, wading, boating, or fishing during or after rain events.

There is a section of the sign designated for a temporary warning sign from the Board of Health of that community. If that area of the sign is empty then there are no active warnings issued by the boards of health

Boards of Health

To contact boards of health of these public access points please follow the links below

Methuen Board of Health
Andover Board of Health
Lawrence Board of Health