In-Service Training

The Lowell Police Department Training Institute conducts Annual In-Service Training, over the 30 weeks that the program runs, we will train 1,100 officers from the following Massachusetts Police Departments:
  • Andover
  • Billerica
  • Burlington
  • Chelmsford
  • Concord
  • Dracut
  • Groton
  • Harvard
  • Lawrence
  • Lowell
  • National Historical Park Service
  • Methuen
  • North Andover
  • Pepperell
  • Tyngsboro
  • UMASS Lowell
  • Westford
  • Woburn

Fire Arms Training Simulator

One of the unique training opportunities provided by the Academy is the Fire Arms Training Simulator (F.A.T.S.). F.A.T.S., Inc has over 90% of the current worldwide small arms simulator market and is considered to be the brand name in small and supporting arms simulators. The first system manufactured by FATS was sold to the U.S. Postal Service in 1984. F.A.T.S. has since sold and delivered over 4,000 small arms training systems, including sales to 17 Federal agencies, 35 state agencies, and over 650 local law enforcement departments throughout the United States and worldwide.

All branches of the U.S. Armed Forces employ F.A.T.S. simulators for both military and police use of force, marksmanship and tactical training. The F.A.T.S. system is universally established as the industry standard for small arms use of force training, currently in use in 46 countries. F.A.T.S. cooperates with owners of the system to provide low cost upgrades for their equipment and to respond to training needs by providing moderately priced expansion options to help the system keep pace with advancements in simulation technology and new weapons.

Officer Safety Training Program

Our Officer Safety Training Program was redesigned a few years ago. Our personnel were challenged to change the way officer survival skills are taught and how proficiency with those skills are maintained. The Officer Safety Program was implemented in January of 2000. Through this program, all sworn personnel from the Superintendent to our newest officers are rotated through an 8-week cycle. During that cycle 6 officers per day spend 8 hours devoted to learning new survival skills and reinforcing previously learned psychomotor skills thorough intensive dynamic drills incorporating all aspects of the force continuum.

At the completion of the 8-week cycle, a new cycle begins, and this process repeats itself 3 more times during the year. Throughout the year, Lowell Police Officers will qualify with and shoot their Department issued firearms. Drills using Department issued force options such as the PR-24 baton and OC spray as well as Defensive Tactics and handcuffing are also incorporated throughout the training. A highly dedicated and talented staff of 18 Lowell Police Officers conducts the training. All instructors are cross-trained as Firearms, Defensive Tactics, OC, PR-24 and Use of Force Instructors. The program is met with wide support from members of the Department, but most importantly from the Superintendent, who recognized the need for continuous training in these areas to make "his officers the safest and most highly training in the country."

For more information, please contact our training division at 978-937-3259.