Parking Projects

Parking Kiosks

The City will be replacing its 176 parking kiosks with 142 new Flowbird Kiosks.   Replacement is scheduled for late 2022 / Early 2023.  Parking will move from pay by space to pay by plate.  More to come.....

Enforcement Technology Update

The City has entered into an agreement with Passport Labs to continue its handling of the City's mobile parking payments, citation payments and scofflaw identification.  Passport will now work with the City in rolling out digital parking permits in support of the residential parking programs and special parking based on License Plate Recognition. (LPR).

Credit Cards for Event Payments

Credit Cards are now accepted for all event parking including Golden Gloves and UML Hockey.

Ongoing Individual Garage Work:

Leo Roy:

  • Quotes received to repair stairway roof just next to the parking office.  The roof is to be replaced.  
  • A fence has been installed to close off the space at the bottom of the stairway, that  opens to Market Street.  
  • Reviewing quotes to upgrade cameras and door access control at garage.


  • Camera adjustments both inside and outside to provide better security.


  • Reviewing quotes to replace concrete sealant for the façade of the garage to prevent ongoing leaks in retail spaces.