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Community Health Needs Assessments

A community health needs assessment (CHNA), also known as a community health assessment (CHA), is a document that is created through comprehensive research conducted in an area or community that identifies the health needs and issues specific to that area. Community health needs assessments help guide organizations, including health departments, by providing information that can be used to show which health topics in a community need to be addressed.

2022 Greater Lowell Community Health Needs Assessment

The 2022 Greater Lowell Community Health Needs Assessment, conducted by the Greater Lowell Health Alliance in partnership with Lowell General Hospital and the University of Massachusetts Lowell, takes a look at the region's most urgent healthcare needs with data and statistics about the health issues in Lowell and communities of the Greater Lowell region. 

Past Community Health Needs Assessments

Community Health Improvement Plan

A community health improvement plan (CHIP) is a long-term systematic plan that details how to address public health needs and issues based on the results of the community health needs assessment. The community health needs assessment provides information and data that is utilized in a community health improvement plan to justify which public health issues need to be addressed and how they should be addressed. 

2023 Greater Lowell Community Health Improvement Plan

The 2023 Greater Lowell Community Health Improvement Plan is currently being developed with collaboration from Lowell Health Department and other stakeholders in the Greater Lowell Community.

Past Community Health Improvement Plans

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