GoLowell: Multimodal Complete Streets Plan


This page contains all the information about GoLowell, the City of Lowell's Multimodal Complete Streets Plan:

Phase III Corridor Studies

The last public workshops for GoLowell were the week of December 7 for adding bike lanes, pedestrian improvements, and other improvements to three key corridors. Read on for information and links to the presentations for Chelmsford Street, Bridge Street, and Downtown/Acre (Appleton/Dutton/Broadway Streets). These concepts will be refined and prioritized in a ten-year plan. Then, the City will seek funding for the concepts ranked by their priority. When the City successfully finds funding, a design team will advance these rough concepts into detailed designs.

We are still accepting comments! Please email go@lowellma.gov to provide a comment on any of the corridor concepts.

Chelmsford Street

Map of Chelmsford Street

  • Separated two-way path
  • Reconfiguring or removing one side of street parking
  • Wider street planting buffers
  • Accommodate bus stops
  • Separated bike lanes on each side
  • Narrowed traffic lanes and traffic calming
  • Pedestrian safety and future bike network

Click here to download the full Chelmsford Street presentation as a PDF.

Bridge Street

Map of Bridge Street

  • Pedestrian Bump-Outs
  • Reconfiguring or removing selected parking
  • Narrowed Traffic Lanes
  • Alternative route for traffic-calmed bike boulevards
  • Crossing the Bridge: Work with MassDOT to narrow lanes, add one bike lane, and make one sidewalk pedestrian only
  • Accomodate bus stops and separated bike lanes

Click here to download the full Bridge Street presentation as a PDF.

Downtown/Acre (Appleton/Broadway/Dutton)

  • Separated bike lanes
  • Reconfiguring or removing one side of street parking
  • Wider street planting buffers
  • Floating bus stops
  • Bus stop improvements
  • Pedestrian safety and new sidewalks
  • Narrowing or reconfiguring traffic lanes

Click here to download the full Downtown/Acre presentation as a PDF.

Phase II

The Phase II survey has closed. However, you can still watch the videos below from our Phase II kickoff meeting. The videos will tell you about our ideas for an improved downtown shuttle direct to downtown, a rush hour Crosstown Express bus from Drum Hill to Stadium Plaza, a citywide bike network, and citywide pedestrian improvements. Use the arrow buttons to scroll through the videos.

Phase II Kickoff Meeting - English


English Intro

Taking the Bus: Transit

English Bus

Walking and Rolling: Pedestrians

English walk

Riding a Bike: Cycling

english bike

Phase II Kickoff Meeting - Español


Spanish intro

Tomando el autobús: Tránsito

Spanish bus

Caminando: Peatones​

Spanish walk

Andar en bicicleta: ciclismo​

Spanish bike

Phase II Kickoff Meeting - Português


Portuguese Intro

Pegando O Ônibus: Transito

portuguese bus

Caminhada: Pedestres

portuguese walk

Andar de bicicleta : Ciclismo

portuguese bike

Phase II Kickoff Meeting - ភាសាខ្មែរ


khmer intro

ជិះឡានក្រុង៖ ការជិះឡានក្រុង

Khmer Bus

ដើរ៖ ថ្មើរជើង

Khmer Walk

ជិះកង់៖ ជិះកង់

Khmer Bike

Shared Streets

Shared Streets Projects Map_V2

MassDOT awarded the City a $165,755 Shared Streets Grant to provide safe spaces for walking and biking. Using this grant, we installed three quick-build projects with temporary materials. These projects align with the goals of GoLowell and will enable us pilot the changes, learn from you, and decide whether to make them permanent in the future. The three projects were:

  1. Pawtucket Streeta two-way shared path for walking and biking extending from Francis Gate Park to LeLacheur Park. The path will be protected in some segments and striped in others to accommodate the funeral processions that use the street.
  2. VFW Highway: using jersey barriers, an extension into the travel lane to provide space to walk, bike, and recreate from the Sampas Pavilion to the intersection with Varnum Ave.
  3. Merrimack Street to Decatur Way [Suspended]: a two-way protected bikeway extending from Cardinal O'Connell Way to Decatur Street, providing a connection to the art alley at Decatur Way. In response to community feedback, we have decided to suspend this pilot project. We will investigate opportunities to use the project materials in a different location.

Please complete our short survey to let us know what you think of them:

What is the GoLowell Project About?

Project Goal:

To plan for a safer, healthier and more enjoyable multimodal transportation system for all residents and visitors to Lowell by:

  • Increasing mobility and meeting the access needs of residents, commuters, visitors, and area schools’ faculty, staff, and students; 
  • Encouraging transit use in order to reduce parking demand in targeted redevelopment areas; 
  • Increasing the number of people riding bicycles in the City and reducing bicycle crashes
  • Reducing Vehicle Miles Traveled (VMT), delay and congestion, and improve travel time on the local roadway network; 
  • Foster environmental quality, conserve energy, reduce vehicle emissions, and address climate change through reduced greenhouse gas emission;  
  • Promoting economic development in the corridor and in the Greater Lowell region;   
  • Meeting the mission of LNHP to preserve and interpret the nationally significant historical and cultural sites, structures, and districts in Lowell;    
  • Enhancing the character, livability, and vibrancy of the community through quality urban design; and     
  • Ensuring the full and fair participation of the environmental justice communities throughout the transportation decision-making process.     
  • Increasing the number of people riding bicycles in the city and reducing bicycle crashes     


  • Easy, safe and predictable bus service 
  • Transit stop and transit line enhancements 
  • Safe bicycling routes and biking facilities 
  • Safe, accessible and enjoyable pedestrian routes 
  • Car-share and taxi accommodations 

How You Can Get Involved 

  1. Look for Information and feedback tables at community events
  2. Email questions and comments and get more information at: golowell@lowellma.gov 
  3. Follow us on Facebook at facebook.com/GoLowell
  4. Join the mailing list at https://mailchi.mp/ac3fe5db46a1/golowell-sign-up