Curbside Collection

The City of Lowell has a contract with Waste Management for trash, recycling, yard waste and bulk item curbside pick-up. Residents of the City of Lowell who are eligible and enrolled in our service are issued a City-owned red trash and green recycling cart. Every cart has a serial number that is designated to a specific property and should not be removed from the property by anyone except a Solid Waste and Recycling employee. Residents using carts that do not belong to their address are subject to fines up to $200. It is incumbent upon residents to procure barrels or lawn/leaf paper bags for their yard waste to be collected curbside.
Unlike the aforementioned, big or bulky items must be scheduled for pick up with Waste Management.

No items out for collection such as trash, recycling, yard waste or bulky items, should be put out any earlier than the day before it's collection. All items must be put out in front of one's own property; it cannot be put out in front of another's property. Anyone found in violation of this is subject to fines up to $100.

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