2024 Yard Waste Collection

Acceptable Items

Yard Waste

Loose leaves, grass or brush in 'paper' lawn and leaf bags or labeled barrels-with handles. No plastic bags. Yard waste labels are available for free (4 per person) at the Department of Public Works (DPW - 1365 Middlesex Street), Neighborhood Services (City Hall), Senior Center or Health Department (341 Pine Street).

Please be mindful of how many bags you place out per week. No more than 20 bags helps us stay on schedule. The more bags we collect, the more time the trucks have to spend transporting the load to be dumped. This can lead to delays. 


('paper' bags or labeled barrel) NO BOXES

  • Weigh less than 35 pounds
  • No item is longer than 3 feet
  • No item is thicker than 3 inches


(wrapped with non-metallic twine) NO TAPE

  • Weigh less than 35 lbs
  • No item is longer than 3 feet
  • No item is thicker than 3 inches

Non-acceptable Items


  • Logs / trunks
  • Non 'nature' items: boards, fence pieces, metal etc.
  • Rocks / boulders
  • Soil / dirt / sod / loam


City's contractor may reject items that don't qualify.


§ 270-7 C. Importation of waste. Whoever brings, disposes, stores, or places any waste [including yard waste] from any location not eligible for curbside collection to a household shall be punished by a fine of $200. Each piece of waste shall constitute a separate offense.


Click here for information on Composting

Collection Schedule

Yard waste collection starts March 21, 2022. For the complete schedule use the tool below or download the Lowell Recycle App.